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Michael O'Beirne

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Michael (G8MOB) wrote:

I have in storage a TX balun - a massive thing the size and shape of a chamber pot with two long feed through insulator "horns" for the open feeder. I cannot recall the coax socket but it was bigger than a Burndept.
That may be for the "Antenna Group, Sloping Vee", or possibly for something considerably more potent than a "D" series transmitter. (Marconi SWB or T E10, etc.)

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-The big chamber pot-shaped balun was more for the D13 with 500 watts output on FSK. Vastly overrated and typical Marconi. Even the receive balun is large and robust.

At Blandford Camp in the 1970s and 80s they had big lattice masts supporting various wire wide-band aerials. These were fed by open wire feeder terminated at these pot baluns mounted on a steel framework well out of arm's reach for safety and then coax cable to the transmitter building nearby. I think there were 5 or 6 baluns.

Try to get hold of the D13 operator's manual. There should be a description of these baluns and the aerials.


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