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I read the A510 set was found during trials to have a range in hilly, jungle terrain of 8 miles (13 klicks). Must have been using CW although I read this a long time ago and took notes from the book/manual. the test might have been at a lower latitude and I'm just wondering, basically: "really"? Seems pretty optimistic for one wattransmitted from a ten-foot aeriel or short wire antenna.

this seems to be a good pointo mention I am looking forwards to months of adding terms to my browser's dictionary. When I make mistakes, please let me know as I am American and therefore cannot properly spell by definition.

I once heard that fire direction (calling for indirect fires) was better done using voice. I don't know the operational history of this A510 set and wonder if anyone knows if artillery missions were requested with it's CW capability? Also, does the receiver have a spotting function - the ability to tune the receiver to the transmitter's frequency? My AN/GRC-9 has this facility.

this is my first post to the group and below is the information I put in my profile on I'm here to learn.

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Ham radio has less activity in the West, less-populated half of the USA.

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