Re: aerial id please


Ian Cooper wrote:

Thanks Chris. The antenna was in with a load of Larkspur era equipment and though I thought it may belong to the era, I couldn't relate it to any sets that I have.
I don't think it was used with the D11 or D13, but could be wrong - they were using the Burndept sockets rather than Niphan (or Pattern 104 fine thread for some of the aerial connections - set to ATU, etc.), and Niphans are just Too Bloody Heavy. The "Wire, Electric, R4" was still used though, probably with the specialised transformers and terminating resistors for making up rhombic and sloping vee aerials, not sure about dipoles.

People who actually used the kit in anger will be able to fill in the details. (Waves at G8MOB and others.) :-)>

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Chris. (G8KGS)
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