Re: aerial id please


Ian Cooper wrote:

Can anyone tell me which radio set used the Aerial Dipole No.9 Mk1/1?
Wireless Set No. 12HP and Wireless Set No.53.

The centre junction has a single pin Niphan connector and co-ax cables were supplied in (I think) 50-ft lengths to connect the dipole to a matching socket on the set - I suspect the resulting feeder was sufficiently heavy to require a mast to support it!

No.9 is 92-ft long, 9A is 53-ft and 9B is 210-ft, they would be shortened to suit the frequency in use by moving the chain link insulators inwards and winding the extra wire around the used pat of the aerial (rather than cutting it). An aerial length chart and long tape measure was part of the set kit.

The "/1" on the end of the designation just means "tropicalised" - i.e. everything is rotproofed.

Chris. (G8KGS)

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