R106 / HRO #For_Sale



I’m having a clear out and will be getting rid of some bits, bobs and complete sets that I’m never going to do anything with.


First to go is a built in 1944 R106 complete with dog house PSU and box containing a complete set (9) of General Coverage coils from 50 kc/s to 30 Mc/s.  It also has a 14Mc/s – 30 Mc/s Bandspread coil.


I have never used this.  It is complete and unmucked around with. I would like £150 collected from Cirencester.  I am not going to post it, also it potentially quite fragile.


If you are interested please contact me for photos.

Kind Regards and 73s 
Robin Birch

Moderator's Note; I think you mean R106 if it's an HRO. Edited accordingly!

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