Electronic vibrators are available to replace old, noisy, and “suspect” electromechanical originals; full details are available here: https://www.royalsignals.org.uk/vibs/  on our companion “Archive” site.



It is worth drawing members’ attention to a problem that can arise if Groups.IO Groups are used solely by email, i.e. always posting from registered email addresses and having other peoples’ posts delivered either individually or as a daily digest to the same addresses. In many respects this is very convenient because it avoids having to log on to Groups.IO to read routine message traffic. Access to Files or Photos sections requires member to log on; they cannot be accessed by email.

However this ease of access for messages has a downside; if a Groups.IO log – in is not used for a period of time (what its duration is not currently known) then the account will be suspended and the associated email address and ID may be “recycled”. Once this happens it becomes impossible to log in without setting up a new account; the original becomes unrecoverable although the previously used email access continues to function.

Members are strongly advised to log in to their Groups.IO accounts on a regular basis to avoid this happening, although no accurate recommendation can be made about the interval between log – ins; weekly would not seem to be too arduous.

It is worth noting that other ISPs are believed to have similar policies, and failure to log in to an account over a period of time can result in an account with its associated email address being suspended; using that account via an email client (e.g. Outlook) is reportedly not sufficient to keep it active.

Other Groups.IO site Services:  There are a number of other services available on the Groups.IO site, accessible only to group members. See the options on the left side menu.


Messages to the Group:

Please try to make the 'Subject' line roughly reflective of the content of the message, especially if you are answering a digest mode post. If you are looking to sell, buy, or swap items, please use the following prefixes:  For Sale (FS), Wanted To Buy (WTB), and For Swap (FS)

Members are asked to make sure that they "sign" their posts and don't leave them effectively anonymous; the identity of the sender is not always apparent from the Groups.io ID that appears. It is discourteous to the membership as a whole, and while we don't want to have to reject messages because their originators have failed to put their names (and where issued, amateur callsign) after their posts we might have to review this, particularly if "persistent offenders" come to light.
Please trim your posts. It is not necessary to repeat the entire thread with every response. This applies especially to readers of Digest mode posts. PLEASE trim off the excess. Also, please trim off the junk that Groups.io adds to the end of each message. Yes, it does pay for the Groups.io Group, but one copy per message is quite enough!

Paragraphs, punctuation, complete sentences, and correct spelling are appreciated. You are not being charged by the word! You can include clickable links to other sites in your posts.

Mail Options: You can opt to receive group posts as individual messages, daily digests, or not at all. You may select these options yourself by going into the Group site and editing your preferences.  Turning off your own mail is useful if you go away for a while.

Photos and Attachments: The list is set up to strip off attachments for security (anti-virus) reasons.  Members may upload Files or Photographs into the relevant sections However, the space available is limited – rather less than Yahoo allowed and more space would have to be paid for; not a preferred option! As a result some of the material has had to be cleared out, and the Owner and Moderators reserve the right to delete any material where it is felt that it has served its purpose.


Members who have photographs that they thing warrant long – term preservation may submit them to either the Group Owner or Chris (S) for possible inclusion on the Archive website.

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