Michael Carey

I have set up the three programs.  ACLOG controls FLDIGI, FLDIGI talks to ACLOG, they seem to all talk together.    Here is my question.  

When I get a DX Spot on ACLOG and I click on the  call sign it takes me to the frequency on FLDIGI and FTDX3000.  However, it does not seem to takes me right to the contact.  I am attempting this in CW.  It takes to the frequency on the Spot, but, there no one there, it would seem.

So, what am I doing wrong?  I will assume that I have missed something?

Thank you,

Michael Carey, KD7GHZ

Fred K2DFC

Depends on a lot of things. Like who placed the spot and where that person is located. Spots placed from a European station may not be heard at your location. My DX Cluster filters are set to only receive spots from USA and Canadian stations. That way I don't have the same problem.