Use of DRA-50 with VARA FM and FLDIGI #fldigi-parameters #fldigi

James Tills W7JWT Stevens County DEM

I recently bought a DRA-50 for my Kenwood TM-D710G Mobile. It is up and running on VARA FM. However, I am not so lucky with FLDIGI. I am using Version 4.1.20 of FLDIGI and got the Sound card settings OK, I think. Rec Audio appears fine, but I have been unsuccessful with setup of PTT. I think I found the right setup page, but obviously not getting it right. Since the radio is doing fine with VARA FM, and it is using the same cables and computer, it should be easy to get it to work with FLDIGI. But there is no love. 

Additional detail. I have configured FLDIGI based on what I have read. When I am on the C-Media PTT screen in FLDIGI and push the Test button, the Red lamp on the DRA-50 does flash ON & OFF for about 2 Sec. My TM-D710G appears to go into transmit, but I can only see a slight ghost of the ON AIR display on the radio. (When using VARA FM, the display is solid). Also, if I next hit the TUNE or T/R button on the FLDIGI operational page, nothing happens. Neither does the Red lamp flash (or come on solid) nor does the radio appear to go into transmit mode. Obviously something is not right and I am at a loss to identify it.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Jim Tills, W7JWT, JTILLS@..., (509) 680-4820