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Date:   Fri Sep 17 08:01:05 2021 -0500

      * save squelch settings by mode and reapply when mode selected.

    config script update
      * add cmedia ptt parameters to config scripting

      * Fix disconnect between fldigi and WinKeyer potentiometer
      * Change WK WPM char/space timing.
        . remove dependence on winkeyer echo
        . allow user to calibrate to a nominal WPM setting

    KNWD cat keying

    synop event reporting
      * changed default event reporting to VERBOSE to reduce event
        log noise for users not operating SYNOP

    RsID EOT
      * Add RsID end-of-transmission code sequence, 263
        . separately configurable notify dialog

    MacOS Lion seg fault
      * Disallow static instantiation of cMorse class.
        . ALWAYS USE cMorse * instantiation.

73, David, W1HKJ


I just joined the group and posted about a language selection problem - then I saw this - and after an uninstall and installing the files, I am in business....in English!!!   Thanks very much.  I'm very new to FLDGI and look forward to learning from the group