I came across fldigi some time ago but never used it as it was a Linux
based platform. However that has changed in 2008 it is now ported to
run in Windows 2K, XP, or Vista. The build in the version I have
started with is 3.01, and Dave W1HJK is working on constant updates
together I guess with other dedicated developers. It ran up without
any particular hitch except for the fact it is limited in it's com
port recognition. I have a US Navigator USB based interface which has
com ports allocated for ptt, cat, fsk, etc etc. Fldigi would recognise
the cat port and utilise it, but would not recognise the seperate ptt
port or have the ability to select more than one port for each
function. I couldn't get ptt to work and as I use the IC706MKIIG which
doesn't support a CAT command string for tx/rx then I couldn't use CAT
to ptt.
So I opted for vox ptt which works fine. I have no doubts that over
time these problems will be tackled. Unfortunately I have no
programming skills otherwise I would have had a go myself :-). In any
event the software is multi mode, and does what it says very well. The
only other curiosity is the best way I can describe it is the attack,
and delay time of the squelch which allows a percentage of decoded
noise to creep in on the screen as text. No doubt everyone is familiar
with that when playing with squelch settings in other software, but
this is different, and I haven't found the right spot to set it so to
say. It may be that it is down to my particular setup, and may not be
a general problem or curiosity :-). If you see the same maybe you
could mention it.

A free software developed by fellow hams in their own time has to be
applauded absolutely no question, and I have no desire to be critical
of fldigi at all, simply my comments are aimed at airing what can be
modified in future builds.

I hope you enjoy using fldigi too, and follow up with your thoughts.

Best Regards, and thanks for joining.

Dave G3VFP



I should add that I now have fldigi working okay. With com port ptt,
and cat.