New version of AndFlmsg: V1.4.2


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What is new in version 1.4.2:
- Added Chinese translation. Thank you BH5HDE for the translated text.

- Increase size of Waterfall and make it self adjusting when space allows it. More work to do on this.

- Added Contestia modes with blocking of message sending when in these modes as the character set of these modes do not permit message passing. Are only used for unformatted text exchanges.

- Made the text typed at the bottom of the Terminal screen survive a left or right screen swipe. Allows for swiping between Terminal and Modem screen without losing the typed text as before.

- The text typed at the bottom of the Terminal screen is now automatically cleared when the “Send Text” button is pressed.

- Added Thor micro and DominoEx micro and other slower modes in these two modems.

- Removed GPS time display and associated processing and preferences.

- When sharing messages in plain text form, never compress WRAP files to keep it human readable.
73, David, W1HKJ

John (VK2ETA)

Brian Garber

This is great! I just installed AndFlmsg on my phone today and was able to decode images and text! Questions about BPSK31, 1) (this may be an fldigi thing) but I'm not seeing the recognition of backspaces and 2) I'm unable to decode BPSK31 from AndFlmsg to fldigi running on my PC. I can use another Android PSK31 program and fldigi does decode that text. 


John (vk2eta)

Hello Brian,

1) Since AndFlmsg is designed for exchange of formatted messages that are sent in one block of data there was no need to program the backspace.

Also for unformatted text exchanges, the text is typed then send in one sequence, again negating (at least mostly) the need for a backspace recognition on transmit.

On receive (from say an Fldigi application) that may be of value. I'll look into it and see if I can include without creating issues for the transfer of messages.

2) Re PSK31, I'll test this here and let you know.

Thanks for reporting.

All the best,

73, John (VK2ETA)

Brian Garber

Very good, thank you!

-Brian WB8AM

John (vk2eta)

Hello Brian,

I tested PSK31 both ways from Fldigi to AndFlmsg and reverse, with and without RSID.  I tried two Samsung and one Oppo phone and they all worked here.

The only thing I can think of is a large difference in audio clocks. The test would be to use RSID with PSK31 (automatic on Android but may need to be enabled on PC) and see how large the deviation is.

On my phone to Laptop I get one to four Hertz  depending on the devices (1496Hz and 1499Hz decoded when sent at 1500 Hz).

The only thing is that it does not explain why you would decode PSK31 sent I presume from the same device, but from another app.

I am puzzled.

One option for looking further into this would be to send me a recording (use the Fldigi recording to wav file feature) of a short text send from your device to your Laptop/PC.  You can send it directly to my email address wihich <myCallSign> at gmail dot com.

All the best,

73, John (VK2ETA)