REVERSE modes with Olivia or RTTY

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NU4N   Dan

If everyone on a net uses RV  (reverse) with Olivia, with radio in Upper Sideband, then everyone copies fine and no one knows there is a potential "problem" for the rest of us.

I saw this happen on a NY RACES net on 80m a few months ago.
FLMSG traffic was being sent using Olivia 8/500 but the sender was in RV mode. This makes the low tone the high tone, and the high tone the low tone, all 8 tones are reversed in pitch, thus it sounds like nothing is wrong to your ears. However FLDIGI copies nothing. Some folks on the net were saying that they could not copy the traffic. I copied it fine as soon as I pressed the  RV  button below the waterfall.

Again.... listen to the start of an Olivia signal.
It begins by announcing the  LOW  (pitch) tone first, then the HIGH (pitch) tone next, then the message.  If you hear  "boo-beep" (low-high) then everything is fine. But if you hear "bee-boo"  (high-low) then you (or the sending station) are REVERSED  (often called upside-down). So listen to the starting tones of all Olivia signals.  I am assuming your rig is in USB mode, not in LSB, even on 80/40 meters where PHONE uses LSB on those two bands.

Wouldn't it be convenient if all hams used USB on ALL bands!

Wouldn't it be nice if the software identified an "inverted" signal and gave the operator a warning.

Of course, the same thing often happens now with AFSK RTTY. If the two tones (Mark/Space) are inverted, you get no print.

The only mode that seems to work fine is PSK31 since a phase-shift is the same (0 or 1) whether you are in LSB or USB mode.

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I  will give it a try Thanks Ron


Things would be easier if hams realised that ALL digi modes are sent USB and the rev button is just for RTTY use.
73 de Guy G4DWV 4X1LT