Icom 7300/7610 in RTTY mode, FSK fldigi, Winkeyer, N3FJP logger Question added, & no Winkeyer option


Using the Icom 7300/7610 in RTTY mode (receive & transmit) and with fldigi (for RECEIVING) & N3FJP contest logging - W4GHV 9/27/2020
I have previously described setup for receive & transmit with BOTH the IC-7300 AND fldigi in FSK RTTY mode using the Winkeyer. It works perfectly.
Similar operation WITHOUT the Winkeyer is also possible. The only difference is that fldigi is NOT used for transmit. The Icom sends its stored messages (& the 7610 allows keyboard input as well).
Setup is simple. Set both the radio & fldigi to RTTY mode (not USB-D). Set up fldigi and the logger as normal, but set the waterfall to the sweet spot (2210Hz) and LEAVE IT there. Turn AFC OFF and fldigi in Rv (REVERSE) mode.
Tune signals in the radio and copy will appear on both. They have very compatible copy capability.
Select and click on the calls & info as normal on fldigi and hit its LOG macro and it goes to the N3FJP logger as normal.
A great trio.
I had the Icom on +-5kHz display, filters at 2.4k, 500, 250Hz, AGC off, volume up, adjusted RF GAIN control for signals.
Note that the Icom 7300 works well with all RTTY contests except those requiring a changing serial #. They require fldig unfortunately. 
73, Bo W4GHV since 1954
P.S. I bet this will work as well in CW contests! The Icome does have automatic S/N for CW
73, Bo W4GHV since '54