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Fred K2DFC

Thanks for the fix Dave.



at http://www.w1hkj.com/alpha/fldigi/

Sat Sep 26 10:46:00 2020 -0500  ***  alpha

  DXCC lookup
    * Change all references to "United States" to USA

    * reorganize kml source
    * fix missing cleanup on start

  status locale
    * change double ratios to interger ratios
      - work around solution to class preferences bug
        read failure of floating point values if locale
        does not use period as the decimal separator

    * Fix font resize bug
      - caused intermittent seg fault
      - caused loss of raster

  Level indicator
    * Add user definable signal levels for level indicator color changes
    * Add VU style input signal level meter
    * Increase waterfall gain range to 80 dB

DXCC Notes:

fldigi determines dxcc data such as CQzone, ITUzone etc, from the data base file cty.dat.  cty.dat or big_cty.dat can be downloaded from http://www.country-files.com/.  If you download the big_cty.dat zip file you can then extract either the cty.dat or the larger big_cty.dat file.  In either case fldigi expects that file to be named cty.dat.  See fldigi help on the location of cty.dat in the computers file structure.

The file is normally placed in the fldigi.files (~/.fldigi) folder, but can be placed anywhere in the file structure.  Specify the location on this fldigi configuration panel:

Use the Browse, Default, and Reload buttons accordingly.

fldigi will use an internal cty.dat database if no cty.dat file is found on the system.

DO NOT expect that every US call will show up with the correct CQ or ITU zone.  The default for the US is zone CQ zone 5, ITU zone 8.  The cty.dat file lists specific calls with zone amendments.  If the call is not in the list, the default is used.  For example, my call, W1HKJ, is not in the list.  I am located in Alabama, CQ zone 4.  A CQzone search in the cty.dat file will result in my CQzone being listed as 5 (default for W1).  If I add this entry to the end of the "United States" alias entries "W1HKJ(4)[8]" and "Reload" the data then a search will populate the CQzone log control with "4".  BINGO.

73, David, W1HKJ