Icom 7300/7610 in RTTY mode, FSK fldigi, Winkeyer, N3FJP logger Question added


Has anyone implemented this?

One remaining bug to work out is  #13.

It HAS worked before. With the Icom in RTTY mode and fldigi in RTTY  mode, copy was good on both
It the signal is at 2210 on the waterfall, the same signal appears on both the rig and fldigi.

Now I must use REVERSE mode on fldigi for good copy on both.

Previously, I was able to click on ANY signal, hit QSY to go to the sweet spot, and it went to 2210l for copy and transmit on both.
Now the signal jumps away but never to 2210. I'm analyzing it to see how far the incorrect shift is.

Wondering if fldigi has any settings that I can adjust? I vaguely think I had it in regular , not reverse mode, but am not sure.. I'm tempted to load up an OLD copy of fldigi to see.

It is still a GREAT combo. I roll the mouse wheel on the fldigi kHz digit to scan the band. Rolling it up 2 after I work all on the waterfall.

The copy ability is perhaps equal for the two methods. Really amazing.

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