File|Audio|Playback and .mp3 in fldigi 4.1.09

John Rabold KS6M

In the 4.1.09 release notes, I read "Add mp3 decoder for mp3 files". This is welcome! When I use File|Audio|Playback in 4.1.09, the dialog box is filtered by default for .mp3 or .wav files. When I point the box at a folder containing both .mp3 and .wav files of digital radio transmissions, the box sees none of them. When I change the filter to *.*, the box sees the .mp3 and .wav files. When I select one of the .mp3 files, I get an "unsupported format" error message. When I select one of the .wav files, the file "plays" normally in fldigi.

John / KS6M

Curt K7ZOO

Hi John,

I'm curious:  is your intent using FLDIGI to transmit the information in the WAV file over the air?  I ask, because that's what I'm trying to figure out how to do.

Curt / K7ZOO