Fldigi - RTTY direct support of UART based FSK on MK-III (Microkeyer III) #mode #pfsk #mk-iii

David OK1BPN

Hi all,
I was trying to configure fldigi to use UART based FSK as supported by MK-III (Microham microkeyer III) and use of FSK mode on transceiver.

However it does not work. Only configuration (except AFSK) is pFSK - pseudo FSK.  This is keying FSK in right channel from fldigi to MK-III in which settings this keying must be enabled to generate AFSK in MK-III using USB mode of transceiver instead of FSK.

Any idea/advice if I do something wrong?

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David OK1BPN

Hi all,
just for the purpose of reference you can find in groups a few related topics to this - 




Thanks a lot for any comments ;-)