RxID Squelch limit setting #rsid

Mitch, AB4MW

Would it be possible to allow a higher squelch open limit for the RxID in the configuration UI?

Our group relies on RxID heavily to ensure that end users get synced up with whichever modem is necessary for the given propagation conditions.

We send relatively short text transmissions as beacons, but they can last upwards of 2 minutes if using THOR11 or slower.  The current highest setting in the UI is 60 seconds and adjusting this requires a manual edit of the fldigi_defs.xml file.  I would suggest perhaps a max of 240 or even higher to allow for longer transmissions.  We can then run the squelch level all the way up to avoid all of the garble in between receptions.  Since the transmit and receive stations are largely automated and unattended it is quite useful to be able to avoid the garbled print.

Mitch, AB4MW