Grand Solar Minimum : Good for TTY modes, if the cold from it does not leave one starved or bankrupted ...

Max Power

The Grand Solar Minimum : 

GRAND SOLAR MINIMUMS ARE probably "Good for TTY modes" as the Solar Storms pretty much go to NIL ... 

Solar Storms tend to play hovac with the Phase and Amplitude (and Doppler) of TTY signals of the non-CODFM or arrayed PSK / FSK ...

Bad Antisocial Governmental Agency Stuff
-- A Fortnight without a Sunspot should trigger a "AGRICULTURE NEGATIVE IMPACT ADVISORY"
-- A Week without a sunspot should actually be "SOLAR NO SUNSPOT ALERT CONDITION" 
The Solar Terrestrial Environment is best self run with 1/sunspot {day} ... as a bare minimum. 
Yea, 5 sunspots at a time is too much ... but not catastrophically harmful. "8 or 9" OY! 

Lack of Sunspots (generally in 200y cycles, but there is an FFT that accounts for the 3 variations in Solar Minimums) is tied to temperature downturns globally, but with volcanoes playing with the global coldness relationship as a factor.

The Younger Dryas and Mini-Ice-Age had many volcano events that were lowering global temperatures. 

SINCE 1800: 
NON-CO2 compounds aka hydrocarbon and fluorocarbon and carbon (buckyball) aerosols in the lower and middle atmosphere (but due to solar wind get into the ionosphere) -- have gone up in concentration geometrically.

These mostly human made compounds have also affected the levels and layers of the ionosphere ... but the effect has been gradual. The new chemical stew in the ionosphere has not messed with the non-linear phase and group delays that messes up various RTTY modes readability.   

... if the cold from LACK OF SUNSPOTS does not leave one starved or bankrupted ... your RTTY traffic will get thru ....