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Larry Krist

I have been watching this conversation with interest and have a question, Is FLDIGI able to upload to LOTW like it does to eQSL? If so, can someone point me in the right direction!
Larry  N8CWU

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Do you have an eQSL account? You well need to register there before fldigi can send.

Just curious, why do you not like LoTW? QSOs logged @ eQSL aren't eligible for any awards except for those sponsored by eQSL. I used to use both but I am now using LoTW almost exclusively.

Geoff, NW7GM
Seattle, WA

On Feb 20, 2014 1:50 AM, "Tom McDermitt" <prcfl@...> wrote:

I have tried Roberts recommendation but I still cannot implement

an automatic transfer. I am using Fldigi Ver 3:28:78 and this is

how I have set it up:

This is the macro I attempt to use for automatic transfer:

Any further suggestions on how to get this to work?

eqSL mentions a registration process for loggers..since Fldigi is on eQSL's
list of acceptable loggers

do I still have to register it?

73's and thanks in advance for your suggestions!

Tom - W3GXV

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fldigi QSO log info to automatically

Tue Feb 18, 2014 1:42 am (PST) . Posted by:

0fldigi%20QSO%20log%20%20info%20to%20eQSL%2Ecc%20automatically%20> "Roberto
Rizzardi" robybenjy

Hi Tom,
there is a easier mode to send each QSO logged to

Fldigi software is already supported by and to send the log
after each QSO to it just enter in the folder eQSL under Configure in
Fldigi, set up your own User ID and password, check "send When logged"
and save.
You can also set a default message that will be added to the dispatch of
Each QSO saved in our logs will be sent to without having to set

I hope this is what you are searching for.

73, Roby

Il 16/02/2014 23.05, Tom McDermitt ha scritto:
> HI
> What I have been doing up to present is to create an ADIF file of recent
> contacts and then importing it into eQSL..
> However it now appears to me that I may be able to transfer each new
> QSO log
> info to eQSL automatically..I say that based upon discovering the
> following
> fldigi
> Macros
> By setting up the fldigi config file to interface with my eQSL Account I
> should be able to automatically
> sent recent QSO log info automatically to eQSL
> However, I am not transferring any new QSO log info to eQSL as I hoped
> for.
> I then discovered that eQSL requires that I complete the following info to
> register a log program on their website.
> I am presuming that, once I register, that I should be able to
> automatically
> transfer fldigi log files to eQSL.
> I can answer some of the list questions but do not know the answers to the
> Red questions.can you-all help me fill in the remaining blanks? I would
> appreciate it!
> The information that eQSL requires to register is as follows:
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> ---------------------------------------
> Please fill out the following list and submit this list to eQSL support.
> --Title (must match PROGRAMID or LOG_PGM tags ???
> --Niche (e.g. General Logger, RTTY, Contest logger) : General logger
> --Web site URL ?????
> --Contact E-mail Address : prcfl@...
> --Author Callsign and Name: W3GXV
> --ADIF 1 Compliant? : Yes
> --Claimed ADIF 2 Compliant? (Yes or No) ?????
> test Compliance? (Yes or No)
> --Supports IRLP & EchoLink using Prop_Mode tag? (Yes or No) ?????
> --Realtime eQSL Interface? :Yes
> --Exports Partial Logs: Yes
> --Exports New Only (Yes or No) ?????
> --Exports Date Range: Yes
> --Exports LOTW Signed: No
> --Operating Systems: Windows 7
> --Price US$ : Free
> --Export File Signature (Provide a copy of the header of one ADIF export)
> I am also assuming that once I
> 1. Register loggin info with eQSL
> 2. Have properly set up fldigi eQSL config file (as shown above)
> 3. Implement fldigi eQSL macros
> I should be able to transfer new QSO log info to eQSL.
> Is this correct?
> I am currently using fldigi 3.21.77 on a Windows 7 platform.
> Really appreciate your collective help in helping this "newbie" figure out
> this problem!
> Best Regards & 73's
> Tom - W3GXV


Tom - W3GXV

Sarasota, FL

PODS 070 #1753

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