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Larry Krist

I was having a similar problem and found that it was the usb cable that I was using. It was too long, not sure if that is what your problem is but you might try a new or shorter on.
Larry N8CWU

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Subject: RE: [win-fldigi] Port Audio Error


Looking forward to the answer also. I have the same problem, after a reboot it might operate thru a contest with no problem but I often has the same problem upon a start. Running a USB cable from a Win-7 computer to a TS-590

Rich, Kd0zz

Subject: [win-fldigi] Port Audio Error

Please can someone help me with this really good program. At any stage of a transmission ( start, halfway etc) my waterfall stops working and I have to re-start the computer thereby missing out on a nice QSO.

At the bottom of the screen (PSK31) it say 'Port Audio Error'.

How can I fix this annoying problem.

thank you,


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