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w1ret <w1ret@...>

Thanks for the quick reply Dave.

I will try to confirm this as you suggest.

This isn't a show stopper as I have a RigExpert Plus interface that
can perform the PTT for me. I normally use CAT interface for other
programs. Plus it looks way to dangerous for me to attempt any
changes on my own!



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Hi Jim

It isn't actually fldigi which selects that option. It is built into the
hamlib file for the IC703 which has from 3.02 been compiled
into fldigi. Whoever wrote the hamib IC703 contribution I guess
would have know the string for ptt. I may be wrong, but I think
you would have to get hold of whoever wrote that portion for
hamlib, and ask that question. As once it is in the library, and
that library is compiled I guess is the right word for insertion into
fldigi it is cast in stone until a new version is available.

I would confirm that with Dave W1HKJ though as I am no
software expert.

Fldigi does support COM port ptt either from RTS or DTR, and
that can be setup individually in the RigCat setup by inserting the
port used for ptt control if you have that as a seperate entity in
your interface.

Interestingly enough for Icoms and others as long as RTS/CTS
handshaking isn't used, you can use the same com port for
CAT radio control and ptt. As CAT uses txd, and rxd data
lines and ptt uses as I say RTS or DTR. So you could wire
the same com port for both.

In my case the IC706 series doesn't have a cat command string
for ptt, so I have no choice but to select a port for ptt using tty
(in windows jargon that would say com port), and a port for
cat control of other functions. I actually use a USB Navigator
and have COM5 for CAT, and COM6 for ptt for example.

In the final analysis you can use the XML file for the IC703
edit it using Notepad for your CAT port, baud rate etc.
Leave RTS set to true but not DTR. Then save it as rig.xml
in your fldigi.files folder. Leave RigCat to find that port, and
in the rig setup in fldigi put your ptt port and as I say tty. Then
you should have both ptt and CAT .... I hope :-).

Hmmmm just looked at the Hamlib file for the IC706 and it
does say "can get ptt Y" which assumes it was written with it
in. But it also shows that file as untested, so I think you would
have to find out who wrote it.

Take a look at this url Jim

It will explain what Hamlib is all about, and how software writers
can incorporate it into their own software for rig control. The item
for supported rigs shows number 355 as being the one for the IC703.

I hope this helps rather than confuses hi.

Best Regards,

Dave G3VFP

On 31/08/2008 13:24:06, w1ret (w1ret@...) wrote:
> Does fldigi 3.02 support CAT PTT? I
> haven't been able to find a
> combination that works.
> I have rig configuration done and tried various options in it. My
> present settings are Hamlib, use HamLib, use Hamlib PTT. The the rig,
> comm port and baud rate are selected. I know that the selection is
> correct because the Hamlib controller works fine. I just can't
> get it
> to issue a PTT via the CAT.
> Any suggestions?
> 73,
> Jim W1RET
> ------------------------------------

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