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Fixed County combo box crash to desktop
  * Under some scenarios, clicking on the County combo box button
    in the Log section of the main UI would cause the program to crash.

Fixed 30 meter CW shortcut in frequencies2.txt
  * Typo in frequency for 30 meter CW put it on the 160 meter band

Fixed grid locator spec in pskreporter query
  * Error in query syntax precluded filtering Activity
    by arbitrary grid square

Mode State
  * expand mode state to index both by-mode and by-band
  * mode state includes these parameters:
    . band
    . TX attenuator: default -12.0 dB
    . squelch level: default 30 % of full scale
    . squelch state: default ON
    . afc state: default ON
    . reverse: default OFF
  * save mode-band state variables in mode_state prefs file
  * save global mode state variable in status prefs file
  * rewrite as C++ class, insure compatibility with OS-X Lion gcc

73, David, W1HKJ

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