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.09 changed the default to -12 dB

On 8/15/22 09:12, Joseph Counsil wrote:


This builds and works fine on Linux Mint 21, and built in Linux MXE for Windows.

It would seem reasonable to me if the default TX attenuation were not at -3 but at some much lower number, for instance -15.  At -3, with all my systems, the output is very high.  It would seem better and safer to start at a very low level, then let the operator carefully increase the attenuation level per modem as needed, rather than risk massive overdrive and possible interference on-air, and damage to equipment.  My easy solution was to manually edit the mode_state.prefs file and search/replace all the "-30" with "-120" since -12dB puts me where I need with most modems.


w1hkj wrote:

    Mode State
      * expand mode state to index both by-mode and by-band
      * mode state includes these parameters:
        . band
        . TX attenuator
        . squelch level
        . squelch state
        . afc state
        . reverse

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