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That's good to hear. I'm sure Dave saw your email so maybe he will put it on his list.

Cliff, AE5ZA

On Mar 21, 2022, at 15:39, iu1mrd@... wrote:

A) Split function coming "on".
   I followed your directions, I found those options checked
    after UNcheck --> problem solved!!!

B1) Extra lines and corrupted line at bottom of .mat file
   I followed your directions,
    extra lines were definitely deleted
    on the other end the corruped line appear again when I start again flrig
B2) Max # of lines in .mat file
   Near sure the current limit is 200 rows
   Deleting some rows was the cure to get rid of corrupted lines (see B1)
     Really it seems all my problems come from exceeding rows limit...
     I hope the limit can be raised in a future release...

C) Remap mode number in my mat file
OLD MODE TABLE                                 NEW MODE TABLE
 0 "FLRIG 1.4.4 Mode: 0=LSB" ===>>> 0 "FLRIG Mode: 0=LSB"
 1 "FLRIG 1.4.4 Mode: 1=USB" ===>>> 1 "FLRIG Mode: 1=USB"
 2 "FLRIG 1.4.4 Mode: 2=CW"  ===>>> 2 "FLRIG Mode: 2=CW"
 3 "FLRIG 1.4.4 Mode: 3=CWR" ===>>> 3 "FLRIG Mode: 3=CWR"
 4 "FLRIG 1.4.4 Mode: 4=AM"  ===>>> 4 "FLRIG Mode: 4=AM"
 5 "FLRIG 1.4.4 Mode: 5=FM"  ===>>> 5 "FLRIG Mode: 5=FM"
 6 "FLRIG 1.4.4 Mode: 6=DIG" ===>>> 6 "FLRIG Mode: 6=FMN"
 7 "FLRIG 1.4.4 Mode: 7=PKT" ===>>> 7 "FLRIG Mode: 7=DIG"
...................................................===>>> 8 "FLRIG Mode: 8=PKT"

Tnx a lot, I'm near ok now.
73 giovanni

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