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Hi Cliff

Sorry to hear that. It seems strange that what looks like a handshaking
problem is so erratic. Have you tried stopping RigCat, and using
Hamlib instead ?. I have tried both here since 3.02 came out and both
work fine for me with the little 706MKIIG. Not sure what you mean by
it0 as Windows only refers to serial ports as COM ports. Albeit of
course fldigi is running under cygwin it should still give you com
port numbers.

Hope someone comes up with a brain wave :-).



O.K. Dave....I installed it on my XP machine, and running my Ten-Tec
Omni VI+ and it works perfect.....
So it appears that the problem is with the laptop and Vista.....I have
tried running it as Administrator, and in the XP mode, etc....
Got it to come up and work fine, by uninstalling everything, and
reinstalling, and then carefully setting up in Rigcat...but just as
soon as I save it and then shut the program will not come up
right again, nor will it let me setup and save the cat section again
until I uninstall & reinstall....
So, maybe someone who is a Vista expert may can help me...

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