Re: Cw help

Tom - K5EIS

I recommend practicing your rig & software adjustments while copying W1AW Morse code practice or bulletins so you know the objective speed and the W1AW signal can be clear of QRM and QSB at times. But don't expect computer software to translate CW without errors. This is due to QRM, QRN, QSB, error in length of the dits and dahs being sent, proper symbol spacing being sent, and the sending speed may vary. A decent CW translation software I've found at which has a free download & trial, but charges for its use after the free trial. I have no experience with the electronic code readers, but I would expect they would not perform any better. Without a doubt, the best CW translator that I have found is the one between our ears, our brain. Wish I had better information for you. Good luck es 73.

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