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In response to multiple comments here on Winfldigi I asked the ACLog group and recieved the below response from Scott, N3FJP. 
It will hopefully help next contest where we need to send a serial number. 
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Hi All,
Thanks for your e-mail. Fldigi sends the serial number, so it needs to ensure it has the correct value. There are two ways to accomplish this. The following is from:
To determine the next serial number to be sent:
<CMD><NEXTSERIALNUMBER></CMD> (only functions in programs where a serial number is required).
N3FJP Software responds:
You can also set the next serial number to be sent:
Fldigi needs to implement one of these two methods to ensure it send the proper serial number. Please be sure to pass this along to the Fldigi developers. You'll find their support group here:

Be well and enjoy!
73, Scott

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