Re: Rig Frequency Display


Hi Mike

I haven't seen anything like that here, but you may try slowing the waterfall
refresh rate to slow or Normal.

You could also try going into Windows Task Manager, and look in
Processes for fldigi.exe. Highlight it then right click on the mouse and
set it's priority to high. That gives it cpu preference. Just in case something
else you have running is causing the effect.

That's all I can think of here Mike.

Best Regards,

Dave G3VFP

On 28/08/2008 00:53:01, mac2251 (k9hck@...) wrote:
I got the program to work perfectly except when the freq display is on.
Changing the freq in the waterfall makes the display disappear. Is
this normal or do I need to change something? Mike K9HCK


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