Re: New feature for FLDIGI or N1MM

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Thanks for getting back to me.

I beleive text to speach would be a great enhancement and open doors for physically challenged hams.

Younger hams may not realize yet what impairments await them as they age.

Being able to control the rig and use CW, RTTY and digital modes via speech would help many hams remain active in the hobby as they age and open the door to other physically challenged individuals. 

I would hope that someone would take on this challenge allowing it to become the next great enhancement. 

Thank you again for your response!

Jeff, WA3TD

On Sun, Jan 17, 2021, 7:17 AM n7wy via <> wrote:
It would be possible to do this, but I doubt you'd do it with less than a powerful processor. 
Where i worked we used Nuance Speech Objects; they are the basis for the SIRI recognition engine at Apple. 
You'd have to build a recognition dictionary of commonly used ham radio words, the phonetic alphabet, perhaps even a few call signs you'd expect to hear.

Another alternative to Nuance's product is AT&T's Watson (yes, it has the same name as the IBM supercomputers).  I do not know if they would license it.

I have no idea what the per seat licensing charges would be.

Bob R - N7WY

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