Fldigi/Flrig and Winkeyer with a Ten-Tec Pegasus

Karl Heimbach

I've been struggling with making my Ten-Tec Pegasus send more than one word while using a Winkeyer.  I can send through the Winkeyer with a paddle to the Pegasus without any issue.  The Pegasus via the Winkeyer will send characters via the keyboard until a space is encountered and then it stops and returns to receive. I am using flrig as the control for fldigi.  I run both flrig/fldigi under Windows and under Linux and experience exactly the same issue with the Pegasus.

I've used the same Winkeyer and computer with Fldigi and Flrig without issue with a Xiegu G90.  I also used the Winkeyer and Fldigi with hamlib to key my Icom 735 during last weekend's CW contest.

The Winkeyer is new to me.  I am the original owner of the Pegasus and it was the third one sold by Ten-Tec.  I've been using flrig and fldigi with the Pegasus for many years.

Is there something different in either the configuration of flrig or fldigi that is causing the one word and out transmission?

Karl - W5QJ

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