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Artie Langston <artielangston@...>

If 3:1 is the 'ideal' ratio when it comes to being able to hear and differentiate between dots and dashes for the average to good operator, then a dot is simply, say, a dotted 16th note to the dash's quarter note. I'm going to record some people on air, and then try to quantize them in the music software, and see how that turns out. Maybe it could be like a speech processor for your fist. Perfect sending from your straight key, all time.

Or maybe, much more likely,  a complete waste of time. It will be fun any way.


On Sun, Dec 6, 2020 at 3:25 PM Artie Langston via <> wrote:
I think the challenge is not actually in signal processing, but in some sort of artificial intelligence. Fldigi reads extremely well considering, when it's another machine doing the sending. With the peculiarities of various humans, on various keys, not so much.

This leaves the question, is designing an AI of that sophistication going to be worth the time and investment required?

I have noticed that my Digital Audio Workstation I use in my work as a musician can do amazing things with what is referred to as Quantizing a musical performance to various degrees. It can take a rhythmically  imprecise musical performance and then "line it up" correctly with the beats and time signature, so it sounds pretty perfect.

Perhaps once the WPM is detected by the software, it could then quantize the CW before decoding, thus delivering something like W1AW or keyboard generated copy even from a shaky fist.



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