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Gary Rondeau <grondeau@...>

I've been using FLDIGi's CW decoder for several years now.  It has been my "trainer" as I gradually really learn what CW sounds like.  There is no question that a trained ear is better than the decoder, but the issues are mostly on leading characters when the decoder is trying to track speeds.  I'm sure modern neural net approaches could eventually perform very well for even hand-sent code.  There could be improvements in handling over the pole flutter where maybe a neural net could "hear" the underlying message more like a human would.  

The present decoder serves very well, however, I've managed my CW DXCC using teh FLDIGI deocder and what my ear has learned along the way.  ITtprovides a very accessible entry point to the CW world that is a real benefit to the community.

These days I prefer to send using TTL serial logic using N1MM as the control program, but I keep FLDIGI on the RX signal.  Soon I may be able to dispense with the crutch...  but it has been a great aid getting to where I am.
Gary AF7NX

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