Re: ALC is max out with ic705 using fldigi



FYI, if you want a really clean signal when using PSK31 the ALC needs to be zero. It is very sensitive to non-linearity. Some of the other modes are not quite so sensitive, but it’s always safe to be at zero ALC.

Cliff, AE5ZA

On Dec 5, 2020, at 17:44, Joel <styx@...> wrote:


If you are using Windows go to your speaker/audio codec and reduce the volume until the ALC is in the middle during transmit. 

I don’t have a 705 but for FLDigi on the 7300 go to rig configuration and select what ever you are using in WSJTX (Hamlib/ flrig etc) and under sound card/device select the same usb audio codec that is working for WSJTX.

Hope that helps.


On Dec 5, 2020, at 6:11 PM, Mike Howard <mhowardems@...> wrote:


Not sure how to get the ALC lowered with my ic705. It is pegged out when I transmit during PSK31. Have output power set to 5 watts.

Also any suggestions on how to properly setup the ic 705 with FLDigi in the radio.


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