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Gene Rozea

I’ve found CWget to be the most accurate.



From: Mark Hubelbank
Sent: Saturday, December 5, 2020 3:46 PM
Subject: Re: [winfldigi] CW Modem #modem


Well it seems that there is little interest. I find all the CW decoders out there lacking. Even the best make a lot more errors on real off the air poorly formed signals than I do and I am no so good anymore. I can't really keep up with any off the air signals for more than a few minutes. Machines don't get tired.
This effort is strictly for decoding, not sending.
If I do this, I will still post the results.

On 12/5/2020 10:12 AM, Mark Hubelbank wrote:

I have been thinking of taking on the challenge of writing a CW decoder having been in the signal processing world for a long time. If this works well, is there interest in this group of integrating it into FLdigi? I would define working well as it should decode 99% of what I can do by ear.

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