Logging question

Larry Krist

Recently I used FLDIGI in conjunction with N3FJP for the WAE RTTY contest. I selected Generic contest and all worked fine. However, when I went to write the Cabrillo file, I noticed that many of the contacts were logged incorrectly. Upon further investigation, I found that in N3FJP in the box marked "QTC S/R"  on most of the entries was something like XCVR:LSB MODE:RTTY WF:865,  which caused it to not write the Cab file correctly. I subsequently used ADIF Master to remove those entries and then the file wrote correctly. I have seen this before in other contests, but never paid any attention to it as it did not affect the Cabrillo file. Is there a way to select so that this information is not written when the contact is logged?


Larry  N8CWU

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