Re: Rig stays in TX/Busy for 10 secs after RX #flrig #fldigi-parameters #fldigi


Thanks Cliff, removing the ^r does not do anything, I only added it as some of the default macros had it, the quotation marks were just for the email they are not on the macro.

Will keep trying.

Thanks, Glynn GW4MVA

On Thu, 19 Nov 2020, at 03:57, Cliff wrote:

I don’t know why it’s happening, but the first thing I would try is to remove the ^r from the first macro. It isn’t needed with the <RX> there.

Does the first macro also have the quotes? I don’t think it would work if it did, but haven’t tried on with quotes.

Cliff, AE5ZA

On Nov 18, 2020, at 05:03, Glynn <gw4mva@...> wrote:

Hi All,  Have just returned to FLDIGI after many years. Am running 4.1.15 with Logger32 and N2AMG bridge. Rig is a new Kenwood TS890S.
The problem is when I return to <RX> the BUSY/TX (On the rig) stays on (RED) for 10 seconds and inhibits receive, it does not affect all Macros,
example "<TX><CALL> de <MYCALL> <MYCALL> <MYCALL> kn <RX>^r" remains on BUSY/TX 
but this one <TXRSID:on><TX>CQ CQ CQ de <MYCALL> <MYCALL> <MYCALL> pse k <RX><@TXRSID:off> returns the rig immediately to RX.
Have tried adjusting the VOX on the rig to zero but it has no effect.
Any help appreciated
73, Glynn, GW4MVA

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