Rig stays in TX/Busy for 10 secs after RX #flrig #fldigi-parameters #fldigi


Hi All,  Have just returned to FLDIGI after many years. Am running 4.1.15 with Logger32 and N2AMG bridge. Rig is a new Kenwood TS890S.
The problem is when I return to <RX> the BUSY/TX (On the rig) stays on (RED) for 10 seconds and inhibits receive, it does not affect all Macros,
example "<TX><CALL> de <MYCALL> <MYCALL> <MYCALL> kn <RX>^r" remains on BUSY/TX 
but this one <TXRSID:on><TX>CQ CQ CQ de <MYCALL> <MYCALL> <MYCALL> pse k <RX><@TXRSID:off> returns the rig immediately to RX.
Have tried adjusting the VOX on the rig to zero but it has no effect.
Any help appreciated
73, Glynn, GW4MVA

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