Serial Ports

Nathan Rosenthal

A message in another topic inspired me to write this.

I have two older Dell computers here in the shack. One is an OptiPlex 755 SFF system while the other is an OptiPlex 7020 mid-tower I purchased as a refurbished unit recently. Both of them have 9-pin serial port connectors. 

The OptiPlex 755 serial port doesn't work properly under Windows 10. The RTS pin is pulled high when Windows starts so that if I were to use it to key my transmitter, it would stay keyed. This does not happen under Linux. Since this is the computer I use for Fldigi, I use a Keyspan USB to serial adapter. 

I have not tested the serial port on the 7020 computer.

I haver also noticed that many current motherboards haver a COM port header.

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