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Larry Krist

Thank You Cliff, I was not complaining, I think it is a great piece of software and really like it a lot. I just thought that whomever is doing the programming would like to know that this happened so that it could possibly help in further development.

Larry N8CWU

On 2/16/2020 9:51 PM, Cliff wrote:

I’m 99.999% sure if you right click on the call sign text and choose Call it would grab the call just fine. There is a lot of code to try to figure out what the text might be, Call, Name, QTH etc. for the “one click” function to work reasonably well, think of the possible combinations, it’s mind boggling, so the issue is likely something special with that combination of letters and number in that call that the code is not handling correctly. Very unlikely you’ll find another call sign that will cause the same thing.

Cliff, AE5ZA

On Feb 16, 2020, at 19:42, Larry Krist <roanin2009@...> wrote:

Actually I was playing with it after the contest and even if the radio is no turned on, and the call TO4A is in the receive window and you click on it, the program will close. Just and FYI.

Larry N8CWU

On 2/16/2020 4:12 PM, Larry Krist wrote:
I was working the CW DX contest today using various versions of FLDIGI. On two bands ( 15 & 20), when the call TO4A was decoded and every time I clicked on the call TO4A. the program would immediately close. This was every time even after reloading the program several times. I could manually type the call in the call box and work him that way. Anyone have any idea what would cause this? No transmitting was taking place when this would happen.

Larry N8CWU

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