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Peter Hulthe

Thank you Dave,

Your pedagogical example is very expressive and tells us how it may feel to meet all these orders from us spoiled hams from all over the world, demanding one funny thing after another.
I remember the nice toy and also the time when I worked as a programmer some 40 years ago. Some programs got bigger and bigger until it was impossible to use them. Just to start over then and use JSP, Jackson Structured Programming and other advice from Nathan Winer's textbooks. I got saved when the "protected mode" came with W-95 and my "dos" programs one by one got obsolete. What a relief...

We Europeans can well live without our special signs in CW, but don't forget, we had them until a new alpha swept them away before our noses.
Please put them again on the list if it is not already full-written, but you are of course forgiven if we don't get them back. And why use CW when we have got THOR11, the best there is?

Will ask for "Monkeynaut" next time I visit my "Systembolaget" shop, the Swedish state alcohol monopoly store chain. If they don't get it I will buy some other IPA or APA (the latter sounds funny in Swedish).

Again a giant Thanks for the ham program I like best!
Peter SM6KFY

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Den 2020-02-16 kl. 16:21, skrev Dave:

fldigi has over 487,000 lines of C++ source code.  Adding new functionality and maintaining existing code is rather like this child's toy that my son's enjoyed some 60 years ago:

Hammer down a dowel (add a feature / fix a bug) and another unexpected feature (bug) raises it's head.  Thanks for the report.  It is not possible for me to easily test Norse language CW features with my US keyboard.

A local Huntsville brewery produces a product call Monkeynaut, India Pale Ale, "Southern born, southern brewed".  Exporting to Sweden might be costly.

73, David, W1HKJ

On 2/16/20 12:49 AM, Peter Hulthe wrote:
It is a real pity when the world's best program for the digital modes contains such an incredible lack, when it comes to CW. When I try to write the word BEER in Swedish it is just 2 simple characters:
---. and .-.. making the important Swedish word ÖL, double easier than the UK/US way (4 chars).
This is not possible any more. Dave, please help our suffering people to regain this important beverage.
73 de Peter SM6KFY ;-)

Den 2020-02-15 kl. 23:24, skrev Poul K:
Just want to bump this topic to be sure Dave / developers are aware that CW sending of international chars have been lost in an alpha version between and The latest version today also has the same problem as described above.
But also want to praise fldigi for its many good functions.

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