Re: Anemic waterfall dsplay. FLDIGI 41.0.8, Windows10, Signal Link, TS440


Hi Dave,

1. Black means audio too weak to be useful. Somehow the audio input level must be increased.

2. Capture and Playback should use the USB of the Signalink. I suspect that is #4, but verify that in the Windows device manager. It should be the same as for WSJT-X.

3. Good. That is where it should be. Be sure your radio is in digital mode as most rigs route the audio via that plug at the back in digital mode only. I don’t have a TS440 so can’t say specifically for that rig.

Something else that may be getting you is that Windows 10 must grant fldigi permission to use the microphone. Check the settings and be sure fldigi is in the list of apps allowed to use the microphone.

Cliff, AE5ZA

On Oct 12, 2019, at 19:37, n4ef via Groups.Io <n4ef@...> wrote:

Thanks for your interest, Cliff:

The answers to the 3 questions:
  1. The diamond in the bottom right corner of FLDIGI is black.
  2. The FLDIGI audio capture options:
    1. Primary Sound Capture Driver
    2. Microphone (Realtek Audio)
    3. Stereo Mix (Realtek Audio)
    4. Line (2-USB Audio Codek.
  3. The Signalink connects to back  of the TS440 at the ACC port.

Again, thank you.


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