Re: Restarting FLDigi

Barry Feierman



I've never heard of this situation.
And I don't operate (or like) the sounds of  RTTY  (former bassoon player)  ...  but it sounds like a good puzzle

I would guess one of three things
1)  the (audio) frequency mark/space is drifting  (170 Hz shift)
2) the timing is off  (22 ms  per tone) due to the source via internet
3)  flidig is busy with other "things" it considers more important like updating Windows, or other book keeping.

Try using  AFC
Can you copy 100% the  W1AW  RTTY  bulletins on  3597.5 kHz ?
Check if the FLDIGI diamond (lower right corner below wf) is the color  GREEN  (optimum audio)
Try turning off the waterfall   -  press  PAUSE  -  that won't alter decoding but frees up some memory

Be sure no other program is trying to get access to your sound card.

I'm just guessing,

Let us know if you solve the puzzle.

Barry  k3eui

On Oct 10, 2019, at 12:26 AM, George Stein - NJ3H via Groups.Io <nj3h@...> wrote:

One of the things I use FLDigi for is to decode the Internet TTY feed from

At least once a day the stream is interrupted, which then causes garbage characters on the screen, of course. So I close out of Window Media Player and then restart it and open the URL again for the Internet TTY.

Once the stream is reestablished, FLDigi won't decode it.  I have tried changing modes and then change back to RTTY-45.  The only way to start decoding is to close FLDigi and restart it.  Then all is fine.

I am curious why FLDigi is unable to decode the stream unless the program is restarted.  I am using the latest version and Windows 8.1

Any thoughts will be most appreciated.

George, NJ3H
Redmond, Oregon

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