Re: Anemic waterfall dsplay. FLDIGI 41.0.8, Windows10, Signal Link, TS440



3 questions:

1. What color is the diamond at the bottom right of the fldigi window?

2. Please list the options in the dropdown list for fldigi audio Capture:

3. Does the Signalink connect to the back of the radio or via the speaker/mic connections?

Cliff, AE5ZA

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Recently FLDIGI + Signal Link provide a dark waterfall, or an anemic waterfall color intensity (extreme settings are needed to see any "blue and yellow" on the waterfall. I've spent hours reviewing my settings within Window10 , FLDIGI, and the Signal Link instructions perhaps a dozen times. I'm stuck!  How to return the FLDIGI waterfall display to it's normal intensity and signals display?

Note: In contrast, WSJT-x performs well without any problems: However,  FLDIGI: has trouble seeing sufficient audio to illuminate the waterfall unless I use extreme audio knob setting on the radio AND the Signal Link "RX" control does not affect the waterfall display signal intensity with the settings as below.

Current FLDIGI settings:
Squelch OFF, slider set to minimum
Upper signal level: -40
Signal range: 90
Note: these are the settings to allow me to at lease see something on the waterfall.

Port audio: checked
Capture: LINE(2-USB Audio Codek)
Playback: SPEAKERS( (2-USB Audio Codek)

Windows10 settings:
Sound Control Panel>Playback>SPEAKERS/HEADPHONE (Realtek audio)>OK
Sound Control Panel>Recording>MICROPHONE(default)>OK
Sound Control Panel>Recording>LINE-USB CODEC>Properties>Levels> "0.0 dB">OK

With the above settings, I get blue waterall with lots of yellow noise that renders the waterall useless. I can only overdrive the waterfall into "orange" with the rig volume set very high to uncomfortable listening levels.

I've used FLDIGI for perhaps 6 or more years with an old RigBlaster (which was a hassle), and I got good results with this Signal Link shortly after I bought it, but now, I'm unsure how to proceed.

Thank you.

Dave N4EF

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