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Gene Rozea

Hoping June. May is 11 months from now!



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Hi Joel

Is it March 16-17 or May 16-17???

73 de John ZD7JC
St Helena Island

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Subject: [winfldigi] Alarm notification

When: 3/16/2019 12:30 AM
Description: Hi All,
For everyone who wants experience hearing and working different digital
modes, - - try the 30 Meter Multimode Event coming up on March 16-17. It is
10 mHz only! All digital Modes, The more the better. Everyone is asked to
keep their RxID and TxID on for this event. This is not a contest! There are
no rules, no exchanges, just QSOs exploring various digital modes. Tune
around and see what your RxID finds for you, or pick a mode, - - any mode,
and send out a CQ.
73 Tom KD6TR

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