Re: health of PSK31

Gene Rozea

Interesting   . What band?

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Subject: Re: [winfldigi] health of PSK31
Hi Frank, FYI, we have a PSK31 NET on Sat eve at 2000 est. It Is billed as a Ten Tec net as 1 of 6 we have weekly. Everyone is welcome any radio is welcome. 
KE3KQ is Net control and we have 5 relay stations helping. 
Check it out.


Good morning

PSK31 doesn't have to be "dead".

Prediction 1:  when the solar cycle improves folks will move from FT8
back to PSK31. then in about 10 years it will cycle again.

predicton 2: Many folks seem to be using digital modes via Ft8 for the
1st time.  I think this is part of the "demand" for a more
conversational FT8. Not sure due to the structure that is possible, but
folks are trying. I think they will "discover" PSK31 or something that
looks alot like it.

In the meantime....maybe what we need is a that helps
keep the flame alive without filling up this list with PSK31 material
other FLDIGI mode users may not like.

There is a straight key night and a Quarter Century Wireless Associtaion
for CW users. How about we start thinking about a PSK31 Club?  and set
up a block of times people are using PSK31? Cannot do by band I think
due to propagation but if people knew that Thursday at 0001 UTC or
Friday 0001 UTC you can tune to any of the PSK31 watering holes and
expect activty it would be a start.

This drop is not new. I first noticed it back in summer of 2014 or 2015.

When was the last time you posted something on a club wesbsite, gave a
presentation or demonstrated PSK31 as a field day educational activity?

I suspect that's part of the problem too.



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