Re: Flrig with ft 891

Gene Rozea

Flrig does not use an XML file. That’s Rigcat. Rig control is an internal part of the flrig.




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Subject: Re: [winfldigi] Flrig with ft 891

Go to fldigi on sourceforge

click on Files Tab

scroll down to xmls files

click on it to open it

click on which radio you want

save file

Chris N9JCA


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On 4/17/19 3:35 PM, Gunnn Er wrote:
David where did you get the ft 891 XML file? Didn' see it on the sourceforge site.

On Tue, Apr 16, 2019, 19:31 Gunnn Er via Groups.Io <> wrote:
Thank you David.
I'll  get it a shot tonight after work.
KE8EZA  73's

On Tue, Apr 16, 2019, 13:05 Dave <w1hkj@...> wrote:
Make sure that the FT-891 CAT settings in the transceiver menu are identical to those set in fldigi:

I recommend using either 19200 or 34000 bps for the CAT rate.  Are you using the USB/serial connector and do you have the most current driver installed?

flrig and the FT-891 has been tested and should work fine once you get the correct settings.

You should use the DATA-U mode on the flrig mode selector.  That should set the FT-891 to USB and DATA for the correct operation with PSK etc.


On 4/16/19 10:30 AM, Gunnn Er wrote:
Thank you Cliff
I will double check the advanced manual. And all other interactions between the radio and flrig and get back to you.
Thanks again for your help.

On Tue, Apr 16, 2019, 09:51 Cliff <ae5zaham@...> wrote:

Sorry for all the questions, but it is still not clear what is going on.

That helps, but what is the radio saying all this time? Is flrig correctly reflecting the mode of the radio? In other words, when flrig tries to change to data-u is the radio already in AM and stays in AM so flrig is correctly reflecting the mode of the radio?

If you manually change the radio to data-u what does flrig indicate, i.e. does it follow the change on the radio?

When you change frequency in flrig does the radio follow properly? If so then when you manually change the radio freq. does flrig follow?

Do the other controls/buttons in flrig work/indicate properly the status of the radio?

What I’m trying to establish is if there is proper communication between the radio and flrig. Until we have that working we’re not going anywhere.

Have you read the Advanced Manual for the rig? There is a section on setting up the radio for doing PSK etc. From a quick glance at that it looks like you ought to be in USB not data-u, but you’ll need to carefully read the manual and get all that setup if you’ve not already done that.

Cliff, AE5ZA

On Apr 16, 2019, at 00:36, Gunnn Er <Gunnner@...> wrote:

Thanks Cliff
It is flrig that changes from data-u to am. The radio does not change.
I hope that is clearer.

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