fldigi locking up!

Tom Ryan

It was early Saturday afternoon and I was enjoying working the YB RTTY Contest when suddenly fldigi locked up on me!!  I had captured a callsign and it was entered into the log.  It happened just as I hit the macro key to send the exchange!  It initially appeared as though everything would proceed as usual, The text appeared in the transmit window, then the waterfall froze and nothing progressed from the transmit window to the receive window as it usually does, nor did it turn red.  The counter in the upper center/right part of the screen that usually counts the transmit time when a macro is applied started counting as if it thought transmission was taking place.  The transmit was not activated on the radio or on the SignaLink.  Escape would not get me out of it, nor would anything else except to close the program, which I did a few times!  Every time I hit any macro, the same thing would happen.  I was using fldigi  I downloaded 4.1.01 and ran it.  Same problem!  One time, after it locked up, I let it sit there whilst I tried to figure out how to proceed.  I noticed, after a few minutes, the first two characters from the macro that were shown in the transmit window had turned red and had appeared in red in the receive window.  I continued to watch and saw that every 2 or 3 minutes, another character would do the same.  However, no signal was ever sent to the SignaLink or the radio.

I have used this set-up for many months in many contests with no problems until now.   In addition to the fldigi this station is an FT-1000MP MK V, SignaLink USB, a Dell desktop running Windows 10.  (I’m willing to bet Windows 10 is he problem!)

Any suggestions would be welcome!!  Thanks!

73 Tom  KD6TR

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