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If the radio is going into TX, but no power either the radio power setting is being set to zero or close to it somehow or you have no/not enough audio getting to the radio. Are you using flrig also or just fldigi for rig control. Are you for sure in digital mode? I’m not sure on the 7100, but most likely it has to be in Digital mode to get audio from the connector on the rear.

Cliff, AE5ZA

On Feb 15, 2019, at 12:48, KG7DMI Greg via Groups.Io <big_blue_scout@...> wrote:

Okay, so while setting up for the PODXS Valentines sprint I must have changed something. I installed 4.1.00 and went through the incompatibility issue with N1MM logger. I reinstalled 4.0.18 without removing 4.1.00. and redirected N1MM logger back to use 4.0.18. I then proceed to build my macros and setup logging in FLD 4.1.00 for the contest. I'm another one that enjoys configuring and making things works as much as actually working the contests. Now... Neither ver of FLDIgi has any output? Won't even wiggle the power meter or even light a single light on my antenna tuner. All other controls work fine. When any TX button, including Tune, the radio goes into TX. Just no power output. HOWEVER, when N1MM logger opens FLDigi all works fine. Power output is as expected. 

So what configuration files should I look at to find what's different about the configurations. I know N1MM controls everything when it opens, so it must be in my FLD configuration I've looked at every setting on the face FLD and in all the configuration menus. I'm obviously missing something. If it was radio (Icom IC-7100) or operating system (Win 10) settings, neither software would work. It must be something in inadvertently changed in FLD. I had everything working fine before I started setting up for the contest.

Greg - KG7DMI

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