Re: FlRig 1.3.41 Transceiver not responding.

Steve Jones

Will do this in morning, Saturday. 


On Jan 18, 2019, at 16:41, Dave <w1hkj@...> wrote:

Please proceed as follows.
  1. delete the files in flrig.files
  2. start flrig 1.3.41
  3. open the configuration dialog to the trace tab
    configure as above and press "View Trace"
  4. change to the Xcvr tab and set up the IC718 on COM3.  Press the Init button.
  5. Close down flrig

Send me the files "trace.txt" and debug_log.txt that are in the flrig.files folder.

David, W1HKJ

On 1/18/19 1:38 PM, Steve Jones via Groups.Io wrote:
Sorry if this has been covered - did not find (successfully) a resolution to this issue.

  Win 7 Pro
  Was successfully using FlRig (Still in seperate directory and still works).
  Trying to run FlRig 1.3.41 (new install - different directory from

   I am NOT a regular user of FlDigi/FlRig  - I have never transmitted using FlDigi but have successfully received and decoded using FlDigi.
   I have been doing Ft8 and was trying out some of the older digital modes. 
   Please excuse some amount of ignorance. 

  Each time I attempt to start new install of FlRig (1.3.41) , I get the screen:

I do NOT get this screen when I run FlRig

So what I have tried:
1) Reboot
2) Uninstall FlRig and download another new copy from web site (yes - both old and new chksum'd the same).
3) Tried set the IC-718 values in FLRig and when I hit 'init' button, same error (Transceiver not responding)
4) Port 'Com3' which is the IC-718, is happy in the Computer's : Device Manager.
5) When I run WSJT-X, the IC-718 connects and is happy (again using Com3)
       Completely shut down WSJT-X and rebooted.
6) Per another message stream ion this site: Removed the files "flrig.files"  from my home directory and restarted FlRig 1.3.41
      -  Setup the Rig parameters the same as FlRig
      -  Same issue - "Tranceiver not responding".
7) Went back to FlRig - It still works.
8) Yes - I made sure to close ALL programs before starting the programs above, in all cases.
9) My installation directories for both versions are:
      (Old)  C:\Program Files (x86)\Ham\flrig-\
      (New) C:\Program Files (x86)\Ham\flrig-1.3.41\

I know, if it hurts - Don;t do it.  Sometimes I am a little slow.

Any help would be appreciated.


de KA6PRW 73

de KA6PRW 73

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